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In parts of England, particularly Yorkshire, Sutcliffes are very numerous. In other parts of the world, they are less so. However, many of this name have accomplished notable achievements. Some are (in)famous. A few with an internet footprint are listed below. In the United States, the name is occasionally spelled either "Sutcliff" or "Sutclif", but this is not common elsewhere.

Various Sutcliffes

Individuals -- Michael Sutcliffe and family, Australia
Alan Sutcliffe --director of the Computer Arts Society
Andy Sutcliffe --near London England
Ben Sutcliffe --web designer
Charlene Sutcliffe --Canadian teacher and musician
David Sutcliffe --a movie database article on the Canadian actor
Elianna Sutcliffe --a very recent Sutcliffe addition
Dr. Ernest Sutcliffe --Ophthalmologist in Milford, MA USA
Frank Sutcliffe (Photographer, d. 1941): article     gallery
Gerry Sutcliffe --a UK politician
Glen Sutcliffe --a Washington DC realtor
Ian Sutcliffe Businessman in Unionville, Ontario
Jim & Janine Sutcliffe --a Toronto area family
Joel Sutcliffe --TWU&UBC grad, lifeguard, NLS Instructor and mathematics teacher
Jen Sutcliffe --TWU grad, lifeguard, swimming Instructor and middle school teacher
Joyce A. Sutcliffe --VP, Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc., New Haven, Conn. (article)
Kathleen M. Sutcliffe --a Philadelphia Web consultant
Margaret Sutcliffe --BC Cancer research entre
Mark Sutcliffe --an Ottawa Citizen columnist
Matt Sutcliffe --a Boston Web designer
Michelle Sutcliffe --Leeds UK, a professional boxer
Nathan Sutcliffe --Canadian software developer
Paul Sutcliffe --a UK computing consultant
Paul Sutcliffe --hockey player
Peter Sutcliffe --Article on the Yorkshire ripper
Rick Sutcliffe --the former baseball player
Rick Sutcliffe --a Philadelphia Area band reviewer
Shane Sutcliffe --Nanaimo BC, a professional boxer
Simon Sutcliffe --President and CEO of the BC Cancer Agency.
Steve Sutcliffe --An Upstate New York professional songwriter
Sue Sutcliffe --Web design and hosting
Stuart Sutcliffe: book     Biography--original Beatle
Tami Sutcliffe --Dallas TX, librarian & web content author

Andrea J. Sutcliffe --article in The Editorial Eye
Halliwell Sutcliffe --Novelist, d. 1932
Jill Sutcliffe --Amazon Site
Kaaren Sutcliffe --fantasy writer
Katherine Sutcliffe --romance/suspense author
Richard J. (Rick) Sutcliffe --Canadian computer scientist and author
Rosemary Sutcliff, Author (d. 1992) Interview      article      resources
Thomas Sutcliffe --columnist for The independent

Mail Only
Sue Sutcliffe --Bowmanville, Ontario
Jamie Sutcliffe --Bowmanville, Ontario
Thomas Sutcliffe --Hanson 6th Form, Bradford England
Tyler Sutcliffe --Bowmanville, Ontario

Alistair Sutcliffe --Director, Centre for Human Computer Interface Design, UMIST, UK
Brian T. Sutcliffe -- Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Christopher Sutcliff --Department of Sociology, The University of Akron OH
D.C. Sutcliff--Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, U.K.
Geoff Sutcliffe --Australian computer scientist teaching at University of Miami, US
Jim Sutcliffe -- Vanderbilt University Medical Center Lab
John Sutcliffe --Political Science, University of Windsor
Julie Sutcliffe -- Medicinal Chemistry, UC Davis
Kathleen M. Sutcliffe --a UMich Business Professor
Margaret Sutcliffe --Cancer Endocrinologist at BC Cancer Centre
Dr. Michael Sutcliffe --University of Cambridge, Engineering
Dr. Paul M. Sutcliffe --Mathematics and Statistics, University of Kent at Canterbury
Richard J. (Rick) Sutcliffe --TWU Professor of computing science
The Sutcliffe Group (Dr. Michael Sutcliffe) --Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester, UK
Steve Sutcliffe --Central Pentecostal College
A Perspective on the Dangers of Plutonium by W. G. Sutcliffe

A. H. Sutcliffe & CO --a Rochdale, Lancashire Solicitor
Andy Sutcliffe --a Halifax West Yorkshire Photographer
Blackburn & Sutcliffe --loose fibre dyers, Bradford, UK
Sutcliffe Estates --a UK realtor
Fletcher Sutcliffe Wild --a UK mining equipment supplier
Sutcliffe Galleries --art gallery, North Yorkshire, UK
Sutcliffe Golf Cars --Port Royal, SC
The Sutcliffe Group --Sport and Recreation Consultants
Sutcliffe Interiors --an Australian furniture supplier
Henry Sutcliffe Ltd., --Manchester UK: heavy duty industrial packaging
James H. Sutcliffe & Son --a UK furniture maker
Jayson Sutcliffe International --roller skaters' site
Sutcliffe Jewellery --Aukland, NZ
Malcolm Sutcliffe --glass studio in Penryn, Cornwall, UK
Mark Sutcliffe --rare books in the UK
Oculo-Plastic Inc --Sutcliffe laser shields, surgical retractors
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe --a large US law firm
R.D. Sutcliffe Contracting --a golf course builder in Janetville, Ontario
Rick Sutcliffe Technical Creations (Isle of Man)
Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe --a UK bookbinder
Shim-Sutcliffe --a Toronto Architect
Steve Sutcliffe --Internet Training & Development, Middlesex UK
Sue Sutcliffe's Desktop Imagery --a Tyrone, Ontario Web host & site designer
Angela Sutcliffe Consulting --Angela Sutcliffe, an Ontario profitability coach
Sutcliffe and Assoc. --Management Consultants, Unionville, Ontario
Sutcliffe and Co. --a Worcester, UK Insurance company
Sutcliffe Construction --located in Yorkshire, UK
Sutcliffe-Croftshaw --a UK industrial emission control systems firm
Sutcliffe Electronics --a Kent, UK intruder alarm company
Sutcliffe Facial Surgery and Laser Center --downtown Seattle
Sutcliffes Garages --UK maker of precast concrete garages
Sutcliffe Interiors --an Australian office furnisher
Sutcliffe's Pallets --a Halifax, NS, Canada manufacturer
Sutcliffe Play --UK maker of playground equipment
Sutcliffe Rody Quesnel Inc. --an Ontario surveying company
Sutcliffe Shipping Group --a New England shipper
Sutcliffe Tool Company --Burnley, Lancashire, UK
Suzanne Sutcliffe Wedding Photography --New York
Sutcliffe Transport --a UK Trucking company
Victor Sutcliffe --a UK military book specialist
Waterlink/Barnebey Sutcliffe Corp.Columbus, OH company into filtration systems
Zimmerman, Kiser & Sutcliffe, P.A.Orlando, Florida Law Firm, .ws -- cybersquatters, .info -- belong to Michael Sutcliffe (above) -- belongs to Jim Sutcliffe (above, Vanderbilt) -- connects to the Marlow Water Ski Club ???? -- belongs to the opthalmologist (see under individuals above),,,,, -- all belong to us

The Sutcliffe --a house design in a Boise, Idaho planned community
Sutcliffe Cemetary --Kingsford Township
Sutcliffe Park --at the entrance to Granville Island, Vancouver BC
Ron Sutcliffe --an article on composting toilets
Map --showing Sutcliffe, Nevada, home of the Paiute tribe

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